Personal Styling

We are passionate about helping every individual to feel confident in their own skin. When you know you look
good, you feel great.
Our services are tailor made to fit you, whatever your style needs, lifestyle or budget. Whichever service you choose, you will learn your own personal style formula, along with the tools and techniques to enable you to become a more confident, stylish you. All of our Style Solutions can be face to face or virtually via E-Styling. Get in touch for a tailor made package to suit you.

Get Colour Confident

Learn how to wear colours that flatter you for the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to refresh your look – leaving you looking more youthful and updated. In this 1- 2 hour session, we will show you, your personal colour palette and how to put it into practice in your wardrobe for clothing, cosmetics & accessories. Get in touch to book your date for a more colourful, confident you.

From £100

Get Style Savvy

Learn how to Dress Your Bodyshape by choosing styles, patterns and fabrics that flatter your unique silhouette. In this 1-2 hour session we work head to toe helping you to embrace your figure with your personal style formula to make dressing everyday simple and stress free. Get in touch to book your date for a more stylish, confident you.

From £100

Wardrobe Workout

Have you lost the love for your wardrobe? Is it cluttered with clothes that depress rather than delight? We can help. We streamline your wardrobe by assessing which garments work for you – we then mix, match & multiply to create the perfect Capsule Wardrobe full of outfits that fit you, your lifestyle and your style personality. This Wardrobe Edit ensures you have less in your wardrobe but more to wear. Get in touch to book a Shop in Your Wardrobe Session and fall in love with your wardrobe again.

From £50 per hour (minimum 2hrs)


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